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Our Services

在2013年底推出以来,Tech.eu问uickly grown up to become a premier digital publication covering the European technology industry and startup ecosystem in-depth. Throughout this time we partnered with many organisations, corporations, events organisers and startups to support and promote their products and services. We offer a whole array of services but we are the best in partnerships where we can personalise our offer and show a whole array of our experiences, knowledge and resources.

Our services include:

Data & Market Intelligence


Advertising and sponsored content

EU projects

Data & Market Intelligence

Providing data supported insights and trends of the European startup ecosystem, and lead generation

We have the most comprehensive and accurate database of 40,000 entries about the European technology scene — startup funding and exit rounds. With our data and extensive industry network, we help our partners to deepen their understanding of the market, gain insights, help with identification, mapping and connection services as well as lead generation and brand awareness. offers strategic consultation, market information, targeting and pinpointing, focused research services, benchmarking, and sponsored specialist reports.

Examples of our research services include:

The State of FinTech in Europe: a research project and report about the FinTech scene in Europe for our partner FinStar. January 2021

Renewable energy benchmarking project: An extensive global market research project for a Bluechip energy provider. The brief was to map and assess renewable energy accelerator programmes around the world, through data analysis, research and participant interviews to provide recommendations for the company’s own program.

A report that summarizes the characteristics and latest trends of the major startup ecosystems in the European region to promote collaboration between Aichi companies and European companies. – March 2021

Startup Funding Lifecycle Reports – A series of 3 reports produced in partnership with Stripe. The reports analysed the funding landscape for European startups from seed through to maturity using’s proprietary data to illustrate the trends, sources and outlook. The analysis was supported by case studies and interviews with European founders and investors. The reports drove brand awareness for our partner Stripe through editorial & distribution as well as launch events, where the reports were brought to life through physical interviews and panel discussions.

The State of European Autotech – reports commissioned by Mondial Tech ( part of the Paris Motor Show) to showcase the vertical and identify the trends from a funding, startup and investor perspective. The reports underpinned the pre and post marketing activity for the event organisers as well as provided content during the event where our team presented the key takeaways on stage.


Building communities and helping companies to become a part of them

Events are where our secret powers shine. Being in the European ecosystem for more than a decade, we developed deep relationships with thousands of industry players, and more than that — knowledge and understanding of trends. We organise physical and virtual events, but we also participate in and promote partner events. Our founding editor Robin Wauters is a keynote speaker and moderator on many events.

To the point

Our “To The Point” series of virtual 60 minute events running monthly throughout 2021 is an answer to a demand for concise, high quality events that cut through the blabla to deliver engaging, informative content to people interested in certain areas of the European Technology Industry.

During each event we present data analysis, using database, combined with insights from technology leaders to create conversations that cannot be missed.

Past To The Point events:

  • The state of FinTech in Europe – February 2021
  • The digital Health Landscape in Europe – March 2021
  • Green innovation in Europe – April 2021
  • What comes next for the CEE innovation ecosystems? – May 2021
  • To The Point: Checking in on Cyprus, a gateway to innovation – June 2021

Physical events

Mobile Sunday by is a well established industry favourite taking place in Barcelona during MWC/4YFN. We combine inspiring talks with an evening of quality networking in the beautiful Antiga Estrela Fabrica Damm brewery and offer our sponsors extensive brand visibility. Previous sponsors have included Atomico, La French Tech, Nasdaq, Intercede , Venturelab…

Contact us, if you want to co-organise an event with us, or need help with planning and organising events! We are also in a great position to give you visibility as a sponsor of our events or event series, and to find the best speakers for your event.

Advertising and sponsored content

Expanding visibility of our partner’s products or services

We reach tens of thousands of startup founders and employees, investors, journalists, analysts, and other interested audiences every week through our news and roundups, content, newsletters and podcasts.

Put your brand in the spotlight and expand your visibility with, using either sponsored content or banner ads on our website, newsletter, podcast, and social media channels!

Examples of our previous partnerships:

Monthly editorials:Bayer– G4A.

If you’re interested in linking your brand with the website or weekly newsletter, sponsoring content, or discussing any other type of partnership with our team, please fillin this contact form.

EU projects

Boosting the impact of EU projects with our wide reach, connections, and expertise

Thanks to our visibility, network, and enthusiasm, we are proud to be recognised as a perfect partner to reach audiences in the field of tech and startups, not just through dissemination and promotion, but also through personal connections. has previously coordinated the dissemination of the Horizon 2020 project, and is currently leading the communications efforts of the ‘GEIGER’ project. We are eager to boost the impact of another innovation project by joining the consortium as a dissemination lead or supporting partner for the work package.