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Data & Market Intelligence




Data & Market Intelligence

Providing data supported insights and trends of the European startup ecosystem, and lead generation

我们拥有有关欧洲技术现场的40,000个条目的最全面,最准确的数据库 - 启动资金和退出回合。借助我们的数据和广泛的行业网络,我们可以帮助我们的合作伙伴加深他们对市场的理解,获得见解,帮助识别,映射和连接服务,以及潜在客户的产生和品牌知名度。Tech.eu提供战略咨询,市场信息,定位和精确指标,重点研究服务,基准测试和赞助专家报告。w88优德手机官方网页版


The State of FinTech in Europe: a research project and report about the FinTech scene in Europe for our partner FinStar. January 2021

Renewable energy benchmarking project: An extensive global market research project for a Bluechip energy provider. The brief was to map and assess renewable energy accelerator programmes around the world, through data analysis, research and participant interviews to provide recommendations for the company’s own program.

A report that summarizes the characteristics and latest trends of the major startup ecosystems in the European region to promote collaboration between Aichi companies and European companies. – March 2021

Startup Funding Lifecycle Reports – A series of 3 reports produced in partnership with Stripe. The reports analysed the funding landscape for European startups from seed through to maturity using’s proprietary data to illustrate the trends, sources and outlook. The analysis was supported by case studies and interviews with European founders and investors. The reports drove brand awareness for our partner Stripe through editorial & distribution as well as launch events, where the reports were brought to life through physical interviews and panel discussions.

欧洲自动技术状况 - 由Mondial Tech(巴黎车展的一部分w88优德手机官方网页版)委托展示垂直行业的报告,并从资金,初创企业和投资者的角度来确定趋势。这些报告w88优德手机官方网页版为活动组织者的营销前和后营销活动提供了支持,并在我们的团队在舞台上展示关键要点的活动期间提供了内容。



Events are where our secret powers shine. Being in the European ecosystem for more than a decade, we developed deep relationships with thousands of industry players, and more than that — knowledge and understanding of trends. We organise physical and virtual events, but we also participate in and promote partner events. Our founding editor Robin Wauters is a keynote speaker and moderator on many events.

To the point

Our “To The Point” series of virtual 60 minute events running monthly throughout 2021 is an answer to a demand for concise, high quality events that cut through the blabla to deliver engaging, informative content to people interested in certain areas of the European Technology Industry.

During each event we present data analysis, using database, combined with insights from technology leaders to create conversations that cannot be missed.

Past To The Point events:

  • 欧洲金融科技州 - 2021年2月
  • The digital Health Landscape in Europe – March 2021
  • 欧洲的绿色创新 - 2021年4月
  • What comes next for the CEE innovation ecosystems? – May 2021
  • To The Point: Checking in on Cyprus, a gateway to innovation – June 2021

Physical events

Mobile Sunday by is a well established industry favourite taking place in Barcelona during MWC/4YFN. We combine inspiring talks with an evening of quality networking in the beautiful Antiga Estrela Fabrica Damm brewery and offer our sponsors extensive brand visibility. Previous sponsors have included Atomico, La French Tech, Nasdaq, Intercede , Venturelab…

联系我们, if you want to co-organise an event with us, or need help with planning and organising events! We are also in a great position to give you visibility as a sponsor of our events or event series, and to find the best speakers for your event.


Expanding visibility of our partner’s products or services



Examples of our previous partnerships:

每月社论:拜耳- G4A。

如果您有兴趣将您的品牌与Tech..eu网站或每周的新闻通讯联系起来,赞助内容或与我们的团队讨论任何其他类型的合作伙伴关系,请填写w88优德手机官方网址in this contact form.



多亏了我们的知名度,网络和热情,我们很荣幸能被公认为是吸引技术和初创企业领域的观众的理想合作伙伴,不仅是通过传播和促进,而且还通过个人联系。Tech.eu此前曾协调Horizo​​n 2020项目的传播,目前正在领导“ Geiger”项目的通信工作。我们渴望通过加入该财团作为传播领导或工作包的支持合作伙伴来增强另一个创新项目的影响。