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  • Awarded "The 2014 Kitchen & Bath Brand".
    Awarded“The Best Service And Innovation Of 2014 Annual Home Decoration Industry.
  • Awarded“The Most Influential Reward Of 2013 Annual China Home Decoration Industry”.
    Orans“Cup Of China Taizhou Creative Design Competition” inaugurated.
    Launch of Orans first Micro-film 《Secret Lover》.
    Orans G.M Mr. Mei Honored With “Labor Model Of National Architectural Material Industry”.
    Awarded “Recommended Top Ten Brand by E-pal”.
  • Re-awarded “China Renowned Brand”.
  • ORANS won several awards, including 2011 Netizen’s Favorite House Furnishing Brands, 2011 China Top 10 Sanitary Ware Brands and China Top Supplier of Construction Materials for Affordable Housing Project.
  • Since 2010, ORANS has proactively implemented institutionalized reform and introduced professional manager for corporate management, which laid solid foundation for great-leap-forward development.
    Foshan Venus Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd set up,has built 5 scale plants of more than 2,000 staff in three major industry clusters.
  • ORANS was selected the member of China Association of Intellectual Property Right Protection and Patent Model Enterprise. The Company was then appraised Zhejiang High-tech Enterprise in 2009.
  • During 2007-2008, ORANS involved in stipulating and examining industrial standards of Shower Enclosure, Water-Spraying Massage Bathtub, Steam Room and Shower and won award of 2008 China Advanced Units in Standardization.
  • ORANS invested more than 1.3 million yuan in disposal of wastewater and gas and thus became the model of the industry as a Green Enterprise.
    In 2007, the national authority awarded ORANS China Well-Known Brand in 2007.
  • In 2006, the Company built up model factory of 100,000 bathroom cabinets per year, and started to use innovative materials, such as microlite and multi-layer sold wood board, to design and produce sanitary ware of distinctive style.
    The Company launched its first generation of intelligent toilet in the market in 2006, and thus became one of very few Chinese brands mastering intellectual property rights of multiple technologies.In the same year, it became China Famous Brand.
    In 2006, ORANS CO., Ltd officially incorporated.It together with its four scale plants in Shanghai and Taizhou, became a banner of China intelligent sanitary ware.
  • In 2005, the company put its plant in Taizhou into operation. It ranked among China Top 500 Strongest Growth Enterprises by its scale and advanced technology.
  • In 2004, the Company ranked among China top 10 well-known sanitary brands and became Enterprises of Satisfied Well-known Brand Quality, Credit and Service.
  • In 2003, the Company opened its first franchised store, and became Recommended Band for Beijing Olympic Engineering & National Major Construction Projects.
  • In 2002, the Company set up the second new plant in Shanghai, and entered European market supported by EU CE certification. Afterwards, the Company established subsidiaries and franchised stores in Poland and other EU countries for promotion.
  • In 2001, China Association for Technical Supervision awarded ORANS “National Computer Steam Room with Best Quality and Brand”, which initially established its leading position in intelligent sanitary ware in China.
    In 2001, China Association for Technical Supervision awarded ORANS “National Computer Steam Room with Best Quality and Brand”, which initially established its leading position in intelligent sanitary ware in China.
  • Set up new plant in 2000 in Shanghai and introduced ISO900 in all aspects. In the same year, the computer launched its first computer steam & shower cabin after co-operation in the market.
    At the beginning of 2000, the Company started to cooperate with Shanghai Tongji University and established High-tech R&D Center.
  • In 1999,the first set of ORANS shower cabin launched off the assembly line.
  • In 1998, ORANS was successfully registered. Taizhou Modern Sanitary Ware (predecessor of ORANS) was set up and put into operation to produce Acrylic basin and other products.
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