Corporate Culture

  • Vision: Be The Global Leader Of Sanitary Ware
    Driving The Company Forward With Technical Innovation

    ORANS has obtained more than 150 scientific research achievements and patents of invention, including energy conservation and environmental protection, utility model and appearance design, etc. It is also the unit involved in drafting and stipulating industrial standards as high-tech enterprise.

    Constructing Top Quality By Excellent Management

    ORANS pay close attention to global and industrial technical trend; Research on special subjects and tackle hard issues with famous scientific research institutions, experts and higher education institutions both at home and abroad; Transfer advancement into production by internal teams in four steps: model and analyze, adjust and correct, quantify indexes and stipulate standards; Professional technical team of more than 200 members to monitor and instruct standard mass production in the front line.


  • Mission:Supplying The Best Sanitary Solutions To Customers All Over The World

    Provide technical support for engineering projects at very first time by the following methods: organize professional sale and after-sale technical teams; standardize plan design and maintenance service; improve IT process monitoring, create Intelligent and Honorable Services system for timely and effective response, and explore interactive and smooth channels with national distributors to exchange information.

  • Positioning: Leader Of China Intelligent Sanitary Ware Industry

    From shower enclosure to integrated intelligent bathroom, ORANS constantly brings forth new ideas, surfing in the forefront of the industry; From imitation and improvement to co-operation with top science & research institutions across the world,ORANS has grown and developed quickly, soaring in China intelligent production;From simple electronic control to multi-disciplinary co-operation, ORANS has spared no efforts to R&D and develop best quality across the industry; From product innovation, brand construction, channel extension and terminal upgrading, to structure a brand new operation model, ORANS will always lead the great future of intelligent sanitary ware in China!

  • The Core Value Of The Brand: Enjoy Life Every Day

    With the brand mission of Enjoy Every Day and people-oriented scientific research on the basis of great love, ORANS creatively combined manufacturing of sanitary ware with electronic numerical control, application of new materials, human engineering and biomedical science to perfect people’s feeling, care the body and mind and make the intelligent products an integral part of daily life.


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